Everything you need is within you.

I can help you activate the power you already have, so that you can perform better in life, at work, and in relationships.

Go from “stuck state” to “flow state.”

We all get stuck. Whether it’s crumbling before a musical performance or work presentation, or feeling aimless in life and relationships.

But you don’t have to stay stuck.

As a coach, I help you find “lightbulb moments” that shed a bright light on your real, hidden resources. The power within you that enables you to proactively move towards your goal and self-mastery. The result is a state of continuous flow.

Through a variety of techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Intervention, hypnosis/trancework, and wingwave® I help guide you to your goals. You really can find your own way out of difficult situations or states of mind that are holding you back, and move confidently towards your goals, whatever those may be.

I work through powerful, proven techniques:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Identify the conditioning and programming that holds you back, and reprogram your mind and body to free yourself up for new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.


Using the latest findings of brain research and coaching techniques, Wingwave® helps neutralize stress and transfer it to a supporting power source.

Strategic Intervention

Identify the most effective, practical strategy for your life and personal goals using a variety of disciplines.


Unlike “classical” hypnosis, I use the NLP method, where I act as a guide to help you uncover solutions already present in your mind.


I work with anyone from musicians to business people, actors to athletes. No matter who you are, you’ve got to be able to perform at your optimal level when it really counts and attain the mastery of skills you know you’re capable of.

Pivot from an inward focus that asks “what if I screw up?” “what if I’m not good enough?” to an outward, goal-oriented approach that asks “how can I be of service?” Free yourself, sometimes instantly, to give your optimal performance no matter the situation.

Work with me on everything from life goals to work, relationships to major transitions. The techniques I use are designed to help you use your powerful inner resources in many areas of life.


I offer workshops and seminars for groups large and small, working on focus, mental strengths, group dynamics, managing stress, or on topics of your choice.

Use these sessions to facilitate better relationships within your group, or to offer each member of your group the opportunity to move toward their personal goals.

Get in touch

Let’s find that blockage, that “stuck state,” and allow me to help you or your group on the journey to self-empowerment.

If what you’ve read resonates with you, give me a call at +41 79 603 75 86, or send a message using the contact page. Either way, I’ll be in touch shortly and we can start your journey.

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