Getting Centred

While there are a few ways to get oneself Centred (Canadian, GB spelling btw)this particular method is loosely based on Dr. Don Greene’s 7-step Centering down method.(US spelling for Don ;-). This one is for people who have too much excess energy and who need to release some of it to get into their particular energy Zone.

You can also read my 10 Minutes for Optimal Focus post on this site;there is no “1 size fits all ” for this sort of training.

1. Find a point in the room-somewhere about four meters away, and well below eye level to focus your attention on. We’ll call this your Focal Point

2. Concentration your attention on your breathing using a :4-2-6-2: rhythm (in through the nose for four seconds, let the air just sit there for two, exhale slowly for six, relax for two, repeat) or something similar; the important thing is to always have the out-breath longer than the in-breath. Do this until you have “the feeling”. This is a short-form of the Body Scan; check each of your main, and most important muscle groups-when you find unwanted tension, tense, then release the muscles while focusing on being relaxed and supple. With practice, you will be able to get there in as few as three breaths.

3. Determine your present Goal. Make it short and to the point.

4. Think of three things that, if you did them, you could achieve this goal. Then, visualize this goal, VAKOG*-use at least your first three primary senses-Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic (seeing, hearing, feeling). You need to really feel, see, hear…exactly what you want to happen, what your result will be.

5. Find your body’s centre-point; approximately three finger-widths below your navel, and two-three finger-widths into your abdomen(you can also find your centre by rotating your hips in ever smaller circles until you find your optimal point of balance).

Imagine all your energy concentrating there. Then, imagine the energy pooling there. Just before you feel your energy reach its most intense, shoot that energy from your centre up and out through your eyes to your foal point (step 1) like X-man Cyclops: (

If that’s not your thing, try just taking one last full breath and blast it out in a steady stream while repeating your Goal (from Step3).

In the beginning, this will, naturally, take some time-take as long as you need to get it right. As with anything, with diligent, regular practice, you should be able to get this routine/ritual down to just a few breaths.

Feel the energy, feel the focus, feel the confidence…go get ‘em!

It’s show time! (That’s my Mantra!)

* VAKOG : Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory (our five physical senses).

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