How I can help

Performance, Mental and Life Coaching

Performance/mental coaching

for musicians, actors, dancers, singers, athletes, students, business-people…

Performance, audition, interview, exam situations

How do I perform at my optimal level on cue/when it really counts, and not five minutes later or the next time?

What is it that prevents me from attaining the level that I know I’m capable of?

No matter what field you are in, the issues involved are the same; What am I focussing on?

Is it pro-active, goal oriented, reachable? Or are you being Me-centric? It’s all about Me; what if they don’t like Me, what if I screw up, what if I’m not good enough, what if, what if, what if… I can help you to change a negative focus into a pro-active, goal oriented, “how can I be of service?” focus which frees you, sometimes instantly, to give your optimal performance, no matter what the situation.   

In Life

Find your direction, your goal, your real purpose.

Realize a project, finding your hidden/ forgotten resources.

Make better choices and better decisions, exploding those limiting beliefs.


Couples: Find that spark again. Discover what YOU can do to create/re-create that loving relationship.

Family situations/family dynamics/ inter-generational issues

Workspace/group dynamics


Life Stages

Moving house, moving out

Changing jobs, changing schools

Workshops & Seminars

I offer workshops and seminars for groups large and small, working on focus, mental strengths, group dynamics, managing stress, or on topics of your choice.