Ten Minutes for Optimal Focus

This is a sample of a quick, effective set of exercises to help you get into that space where you can do Optimal Work.

Change your physiology, change your focus, change what you’re saying to yourself, you change everything!

The Formula

Bounce on your toes for 30 seconds then Jogging (lightly, 20 sec., hard, 15 sec. Repeat 3X)

Three Mindful Breaths

Inhale 4 counts, hold 1, exhale 7, relax 1, repeat. (or something similar that works for you as long as the exhales are longer than the inhales)

Arm Rotations : 

Hold arms out to the side-shoulder high, palms down-rotate forward 20X, then 20X backward


Palms up-rotate 20X forward, then 20X backward

Interlock your fingers in front of you, palms forward, raise them above your head, following your hands with your eyes-hold for 15 sec., breathing deeply through your nose (as always)

Sprinter-pose : Left foot forward, feet ca. 30 cm apart, pump your arms vigorously(like a 100m sprinter) for 30 sec., rest for 15 sec. then switch to right foot forward, repeat 30 sec.

Three Mindful Breaths

Transition to 3 min mindfulness meditation (simply observe the breath as it comes into the body and as it leaves. When random thoughts come into your mind- say hi, and let them drift away.return to observing the breath…repeat…repeat…repeat)


Get “ the Stare “ ; that look that says “I mean business”, set your intention-what is it you are going to accomplish now ? Find 3 things that, if you were to do these, you would perform at you optimal level.

When you have them firmly in your mind, visualize yourself doing (X) as well as possible, maybe even better; see, hear, feel, smell, taste what it’s going to be like. 

When you have “The Feeling”, when you can “See It”, when it “Sounds Right”, let out one last blast of air (you could think of it being a “Laser Beam”) and go kick ass.

The Stare

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