Wingwave? What’s that?

The Wingwave® technique is a scientifically proven coaching and therapy method that assists individuals in conquering emotional obstacles, reducing stress, and enhancing performance in all aspects of life.
Having its origins in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a well-known therapeutic method that utilizes eye movements to aid individuals in processing traumatic experiences and overcoming emotional turmoil, WingWave® has built upon EMDR principles. By adding elements such as NLP, hypnosis, and emotion-focused therapy, Wingwave® has evolved into a comprehensive and effective technique for emotional release and personal growth. Through the fusion of these diverse coaching modalities, WingWave® offers a distinctive approach that empowers individuals to achieve rapid and lasting changes in their lives.
Using Wingwave®, the coach can help to swiftly pinpoint and release emotional barriers that may be hindering the client from reaching their full potential – often accomplished in just 1 to 4 sessions. Utilizing myostatic O-ring testing, specific eye movement sequences, and tailored coaching interventions, Wingwave® assists individuals in clearing emotional stress and trauma, leading to enhanced emotional equilibrium and mental clarity.

Furthermore, Wingwave® is renowned for its ability to aid individuals in effectively managing stress and anxiety. By equipping individuals with skills to regulate their emotions and alter negative thought patterns, this technique empowers individuals to navigate challenging situations with composure and self-assurance. WingWave® also fosters improvements in focus, concentration, and decision-making abilities, ultimately enhancing performance in various areas of life, including work, sports, and relationships.
In conclusion, the Wingwave® technique offers a comprehensive approach to personal development and growth, addressing both conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind. With its proven track record of success and an ever-increasing body of scientific validation, Wingwave® stands as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to eliminate mental and emotional barriers, elevate their performance, and attain their goals with enhanced ease and efficiency.

I have successfully helped clients ranging from athletes, to musicians, to doctors, to students, to executives using the Wingwave® technique. Try it!